4 Signs of a Healthy Relationship

A common statistic we hear all the time is that about half of all marriages end in divorce. While the truth is a bit more complicated than that, the fact remains that many marriages across the country fail. With that in mind, many married couples ask themselves an important question: what can I do to make sure my relationship is successful for the long term?

The answer may be different depending on who you are and if you are in a truly healthy marriage. The following are a few signs that your relationship is healthy:

  1. You support each other: A basic human need is to be with someone who supports your goals and dreams. You might not always agree with everything your spouse thinks or does, but you should try to understand your partner and what makes him or her tick.
  2. You don’t take each other for granted: It’s so easy for a relationship to become routine when you live together and see each other every day, especially if you have been married for many years. If you make it a priority to express your appreciation for each other, even for the small things, it will help strengthen your relationship.
  3. You are honest with your feelings: You should never have to feel like you need to skirt around your feelings or opinions with your spouse. If you are completely open and honest with the way you feel, you are more likely to have a good relationship.
  4. You are always kind: People who get nasty during arguments or resort to petty behavior are far more likely to get divorced than those who make kindness and patience a priority. Arguments are going to happen in every relationship — it’s inevitable. But it is how you handle them that defines the strength of your relationship.

The four signs listed above tend to result in more successful marriages, but no two relationships are the same. Marriages that start out well can sometimes deteriorate over the course of time. If you would like the explore the possibility of filing for divorce, consult a skilled Minnesota family law attorney at Appelhof, Pfeifer & Hart, P.A.

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