Afraid in Your Own Home: Domestic Abuse in Minnesota

Most victims of domestic violence suffer in silence. Afraid to stand up, afraid to walk away, some victims refuse to believe they are being abused. Deaths from domestic violence are increasing in Minnesota. If you are being abused, getting help is critical.

In Minnesota last year, 14 women and one man were killed by intimate partner violence. Three people who were family members or tried to intervene died, and 11 minor children were left motherless. This year, there is roughly one death due to domestic violence reported per week in Minnesota.

Domestic violence is defined by the following:

  • Injury, assault, or harm, sexual or otherwise
  • Fear of injury or assault
  • Threats, criminal sexual conduct or interfering with an emergency call for help

Domestic violence refers to intimate relationships like those with a spouse, or former spouse, partner or former partner, parents, children, or others who live or have lived together.

Our firm offers strong legal service to those suffering or threatened with domestic violence. According to the Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women (MCBW), separation or asking for divorce is a particularly dangerous time for victims of batterers or abusers. Half of the women killed by their partner in 2012 were in the process of leaving the relationship or had just left.

If you or your children are being abused, there are resources to help. We assist you with Orders of Protection to help you regain safety and create conditions that keep your partner at a safe distance from you and your children.

If you are afraid in your own home, you are not alone. When you have questions, speak with an attorney experienced with domestic violence in St. Paul.

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