Minnesota Couple Who Has Fostered 92 Kids Fights to Adopt African Child

One Minnesota couple is demonstrating to the world that there is no limit to how much love you can offer children. The couple married over twenty years ago and planned on having a large family together. However, they were devastated when doctors told them that they were unable to conceive children. Despite the doctor’s prognosis, they were able to give birth to two biological children over the next several years, but could not conceive anymore.

The couple still wanted to have the large family they always dreamed of, so they sought an alternative path: foster care. They quickly realized just how much they could offer to children by opening their home to them and providing a stable and loving environment to children who might not otherwise have found one. When they would receive a call that a child needed help, they would always say yes.

After years of fostering, they decide to adopt a group of siblings in need of a home. Their family burgeoned from two children to six. They continued to open their home to foster children and, over the years, more than 90 kids came to stay with the couple. A few years later, they adopted another child who was in need of help.

Now they have set their sights beyond U.S. borders. On a mission trip to Liberia, the couple met an 8-year-old boy who suffers from cerebral palsy. They immediately felt a bond with the child and began pursuing adoption. However, it is expensive to adopt children from overseas and the couple is struggling to raise the $15,000 in adoption fees required to officially bring the boy home.

Their community has reached out to help. On Thanksgiving, they were offered a generous financial donation and were able to take further steps toward growing their family once again.

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