Preparing the Paperwork When Filing for Divorce in Minnesota

In Minnesota, divorce is formally referred to as “dissolution of marriage,” but the terms are essentially interchangeable. To begin the process of filing for dissolution of marriage in the state, you will need to complete a fair amount of paperwork.

There is a helpful website, hosted by the Minnesota Judicial Branch, that provides you with some self-help resources for all your divorce needs. The site contains links to videos to give you a more thorough understanding of divorce law and tutorials on how to complete the paperwork required. All the state’s divorce forms are available for download at that website, but you may also get them from a courthouse or law library. Another helpful free resource is the I-CAN! Divorce Forms tool, which provides you with the correct forms based on your answers to a series of questions regarding your case.

The petitioner (the person who initiatives the divorce) must prepare a Summons and Petition to begin the divorce process. The respondent (the person being served with the summons and petition) must prepare an Answer if he or she disagrees with anything included in the petitioner’s paperwork or with any of the terms of the divorce.

The court may require the petitioner to submit extra paperwork, depending on the circumstances of the case, but the documents are required in every Minnesota divorce. Never sign any other affidavits, statements or depositions unless you unless you understand what you are signing and are properly executing it.

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