Study: Approximately Half of Divorced People Had Doubts Before Marriage

A recent survey conducted in the United Kingdom will also be of great interest to people here in the United States. Nearly half of divorced Brits interviewed by U.K. family law specialists Slater and Gordon said they had doubts about their relationship before their wedding, but went through it anyway. Of that group, 65 percent even considered leaving their spouse at the altar.

Despite these potentially surprising figures, most people surveyed still held relatively optimistic views of marriage and their future. Approximately half of the people surveyed said they did not regret their marriage, even though it ended in divorce.

The most common reasons people went through with the wedding despite their doubts were the feelings that it was too late to back out, feelings of potential embarrassment or guilt at letting their partner down. About one in six surveyed hoped they would be able to get their partner to change after the marriage, with 42 percent saying they just hoped for the best.

Only 36 percent of divorcees said they had positive feelings about their future on their wedding day.

Carefully consider your future and relationship before marriage

The divorce process is often stressful and can result in financial difficulties for some parties. The best way to avoid it is to be completely certain about your decision to marry before going through with the wedding. This means having open, frank conversations with your partner about the future of your relationship and what you expect out of your marriage.

On the other hand, even marriages that start out well can deteriorate with time. If you find yourself in need of advice after your marriage about a potential divorce, seek the representation of a skilled Minnesota family law attorney at Appelhof, Pfeifer & Hart, P.A.

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