Tips for Divorced Parents Paying for College Tuition

College tuition combines the two biggest points of conflict for divorced parents: money and children. Parents who have kids near college age need to address if and how they will pay for college costs and take certain steps to ensure both sides fulfill their end of the deal.

The following are some tips for divorced parents who need to pay for their children’s college tuition:

  • Get the agreement in writing: Tuition payment agreements should be a written addition to your existing divorce agreement. Informal agreements are not enforceable and a court does not have the authority to order parties to pay for college costs.
  • Understand the difference between equal and fair: After you and your spouse are divorced, you likely no longer have equal financial standing. Therefore, it’s important to understand that a fair payment agreement is not necessarily an equal one.
  • Be strategic with FAFSA paperwork: The standard federal financial aid rule is that the custodial parent is in charge of filling out the paperwork. However, because the child is at college most of the year, listing the child as “living” with the parent who has lower income could be a way to maximize financial aid benefits.

A skilled attorney will help you create detailed arrangements for paying for your children’s college education after your divorce. For more information, contact an experienced Minneapolis divorce lawyer with Appelhof, Pfeifer & Hart, P.A. 

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