What Not to Say When Discussing Divorce with Your Spouse

While you may have been thinking about divorce for some time, approaching the subject with your spouse will likely be difficult. In fact, how you handle this matter could have a big impact on your divorce proceedings, especially as they related to child custody, child support and the division of marital assets.

Here are a few tips on what not to say when discussing divorce with your spouse:

  • Do not make any promises about property: This is especially important when discussing your family home, which is many times your most valuable asset. Promises made early on in discussions that are not followed through on sometimes make it harder to trust agreements made later in the process.
  • Do not threaten to use the children or custody of the children against the other party: Threatening the other parent to withhold the children or to tell the children the details of the divorce is frowned upon by judges and can have ultimately have negative ramifications on how a judge may decide a case. Children are never to be used as a tool in a divorce.
  • Do not become angry or overly emotional: Obviously, this is easier said than done, but you should never say, text, or email anything hurtful to your spouse, raise your voice or lose control of your emotions. Staying cool, calm and collected will allow you to have a more mature conversation, even if your spouse does not give you the same courtesy. This applies especially when in the presence of the children.

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