Which Jobs Have the Highest Divorce Rates Associated with Them?

There are many factors that go into creating a successful marriage, including excellent communication, trust and a close emotional bond. Likewise, there are numerous factors that lead to a greater likelihood of divorce, including a lack of the aforementioned qualities, financial struggles and…your career?

That’s right — according to a recent study published by a popular U.K. dating site, certain professional fields have a stronger correlation with higher divorce rates than others. Here are a few of the professions that appear to have the highest divorce rates:

  • Professional athletes
  • Performers, choreographers and dancers
  • Nurses and home health aids
  • Psychiatric care givers
  • Factory workers
  • Gaming industry workers
  • Bartenders
  • Massage therapists

These professions certainly cover a wide range of fields. Although the study did not delve too deeply into why exactly these professions have a higher correlation with divorce, one can at least infer the reasons with some of them.

People who work in the health care industry, for example, are more likely to work long hours or deal with stressful working conditions than many other types of jobs. Athletes and people in the performing arts have to deal with significantly less job security, which can add a lot of strain to a relationship. Factory workers tend to work long hours in tough environments.

However, just because you or your spouse work in an industry that has a higher correlation with divorce does not mean your relationship is doomed. Good communication and trust and making time for each other will always help you create and maintain a successful relationship.

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