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Appelhof, Pfeifer & Hart, P.A. understands divorce is not always the answer. We take the time to listen to your situation and discuss all the legal options available to you. Having all the information you need helps you make the right decisions for your family. Whether you decide to pursue a legal separation, divorce or even an annulment, we collaborate with you to develop a strategy designed to meet your needs. We deliver intelligent family law representation in every case.

What is the difference between divorce and legal separation?

A legal separation involves nearly the same process as a divorce and takes a similar amount of time. The key difference is that after a legal separation, you are still married. You cannot get remarried because you are not divorced. If you are legally separated and ultimately decide to get a divorce, you must start the divorce process from the beginning.

Common reasons couples choose a legal separation

Maintaining a legal marriage relationship is important for people who, for various reasons, do not want to divorce. Couples may choose a legal separation instead of a divorce, for any of the following reasons:

  • Religious beliefs
  • Moral values
  • Maintaining health insurance
  • Financial reasons

A legal separation mirrors a divorce in several ways. Both proceedings address custody, support and parenting time, if there are children of the marriage. A court can award alimony in a legal separation and can divide the marital debts and assets. One of our experienced legal separation attorneys can guide you to the option that’s right for you.

Legal separation agreement

At Appelhof, Pfeifer & Hart, P.A., our attorneys are experienced at preparing legal separation agreements. We listen carefully to your situation and collaborate with you in drafting an agreement that meets your needs. Whether you have children and need to address custody and support issues, or have a complex estate and need professional asset division assistance, we have the skills to craft a separation agreement you can rely on.

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