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Keep Close Records of Alimony Payments After Divorce

Alimony payments are usually tax deductible for the person making the payments and are considered taxable income for the person receiving it, so it is extremely important to keep close, detailed records whether you are paying or receiving it. It is common for spouses to dispute the amounts of alimony that were paid, or for… Read More »

Pew Research: ‘Gray Divorce’ Becoming More Common

The frequency of divorce among people over 50 has risen to record heights, according to a recent survey from the Pew Research Center. From 1990 to 2015, divorce rates among Americans aged 50 and older more than doubled. For Americans over 65, divorce rates nearly tripled within that same period. Now, 10 out of every… Read More »

What You Should Know About Alimony Before Divorce

If you are preparing for divorce, you may also have to plan for the prospect of alimony — whether it is paying or receiving it. If one spouse earns significantly more money than the other and you have been married for at least several years, it is possible a judge will order an alimony arrangement…. Read More »

How to Tell If You’re Working with a Good Divorce Attorney

It may be difficult to determine if your divorce lawyer is representing you well, as you may not have gone through the divorce process before. If you have any doubts at all about the quality of your legal counsel’s service, consider the following points: Your attorney explains the steps of the divorce process You should… Read More »

What to Do If You Receive a Child Support Petition

If you receive a formal petition for child support, you must respond in an appropriate manner. In Minnesota, state law considers child support a fundamental right of all children, which means you are legally obligated to support your kids. When you get the petition, read the instructions in the letter and comply accordingly. In most… Read More »

Analyze Your Finances Before You Get Divorced

Every divorce includes the process of dividing marital assets and debts. To fully prepare yourself for this process and to increase your chances at obtaining an equitable outcome, it’s important to have a thorough understanding of your financial situation and outlook. The following are some aspects of your finances you should analyze in detail before… Read More »

Common Questions About Changing Your Name After Marriage

When you get married, you have numerous options for what you will do when it comes to changing your name. The following are a few of the questions we most frequently receive from our clients on this issue: Q: Can we both decide to change our names to a hyphenated version of our last names… Read More »

Does the Law Give Mothers Priority in Terms of Child Custody?

Many people assume that the law gives mothers priority when it comes to child custody matters. Historically mothers have received primary custody at higher rates than fathers, but it’s not because of any legal preference in Minnesota state law. Historical reasons for higher custody rates among mothers Until recent years, mothers frequently received custody of… Read More »

What Liability Do Your Have for Your Spouse’s Debt?

If you are getting married and plan on having joint bank accounts and finances, you should be aware of the liability you have for debt and other expenses. The biggest factor in determining your liability for debts is when those debts were incurred. Debts incurred before your marriage In most cases, any debt a person… Read More »

Tips for Better Communication with Your Spouse During Divorce

It might not be easy, but as you go through the divorce process, it can be very helpful to maintain at least some level of healthy communication with your spouse. There may be some circumstances in which you will need to converse through your attorneys, but in general, you could save a lot of time,… Read More »