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What Happens During the Discovery Phase of a Divorce?

The process of “discovery” happens throughout the process of a divorce. It’s the legal process through which each party collects the information it needs to form a case. It should be noted that discovery is sometimes done on an informal basis, but for purposes of this post, we are discussing formal discovery. Formal discovery will… Read More »

Your Date of Separation Could Affect Property Division

If you and your spouse separated before your divorce, the date of that separation could have an impact on issues of property division, child support and alimony. The definition of the “date of separation” may vary depending on where you are from, but most of the time it is the date the spouses no longer… Read More »

Frequently Asked Questions About How Divorce Affects Taxes

Are you wondering how your divorce could affect your upcoming tax return? Below are answers to some frequently asked questions we receive related to how divorce affects taxes: Q: My spouse and I have been separated for months. Can we file as single people? You can only file as single if you are legally divorced…. Read More »

Tips to Help You Avoid Hurting Your Finances During a Divorce

Divorce causes more than just emotional strain — there are also financial complications that can be difficult to address and overcome. If you’re not careful, dissolving your marriage could cause some long-term financial challenges that can affect the future of you and your kids. Below are a few tips to help you minimize your divorce… Read More »

How You Can Protect Your Children During a Divorce

The emotions associated with divorce can make for a rather contentious process. Unfortunately, it is often the children who suffer the most during divorce, as they must watch their parents go through a highly stressful and trying process while trying to hold it all together. Throughout a divorce, parents must make the emotional wellbeing of… Read More »

How Does Domestic Violence Affect Child Custody in Minnesota?

Minnesota courts take domestic abuse seriously as it relates to child custody. In most cases, physical custody goes to the parent who provides most of the children’s daily care. Legal custody is typically shared by both parents, who then must work together to make decisions regarding education, medicine, culture, religion and other issues. This can… Read More »

What Happens if a Parent Downplays Their Income?

It is not uncommon for parents responsible for paying child support to try to downplay their income. This typically happens in one of the following ways: Paying parents voluntarily become unemployed by quitting a job and staying home, or sabotaging their work performance until their employers must fire them. Paying parents voluntarily become underemployed by… Read More »

What to Know Before Filing for Divorce in Minnesota

Are you getting ready to file for divorce in Minnesota? There are a few things you should know about the procedures and rules associated with divorce and child custody in the state before you fill out the paperwork. These include the following: Fault: Minnesota is a pure no-fault divorce state. You cannot allege wrongdoing on… Read More »

Myths Abound When It Comes to Child Support Obligations

A child support obligor is any parent who has been court-ordered to pay child support. Many of these individuals feel that they have been mistreated by the legal system, but don’t know that they have rights. This is not true, although some context is needed to clarify this misconception. First, child support laws are supposed… Read More »

Watch Out for These Common Signs of Stress in Children After Divorce

Divorce can be difficult on everyone involved — especially your children. Young people might not be able to grasp how the divorce will affect their lives and their family dynamics. Some research indicates that as many as 25 percent of children whose parents divorce will experience some level of ongoing emotional or behavioral difficulty. As… Read More »