Considerations About Adoption

Acting as a foster parent or adopting a child is a big decision. The legal maneuverings required to adopt a child are many and complex.

Information about adoption of a child through the State can be found at the Minnesota Adoption Resource Network. This agency is not a child placement agency, but helps give support to families undertaking the important task of becoming adoptive parents. The support adoptive parents need includes:  

  • Adoption information — Information on the procedure and process of adoption is available.
  • Support groups — The transition of a child into an adoptive home does not always go smoothly. For this reason, there are support groups full of people experiencing the same trials and tribulations as you, and joining one is a smart way to maintain a healthy home.
  • Training tools — Parenting tips from other families and from childcare professionals can help you meet the unique challenges of raising an adopted child.

People deciding to adopt face emotional as well as financial considerations. The financial obligation involved with adopting a child varies. Adoptions involving a state child may be eligible for a tax benefit and may also include reimbursement for out-of-pocket costs associated with the adoption. The rewards associated with adoption are not financial, but emotional and lifelong. Consider adoption as a way to grow or start your family.

Consult an experienced Minnesota family law attorney for questions about adoption. Our team of legal professionals knows the procedure to adopt and is proud to help your family as you take on this happy adventure. We have more than 30 years’ combined experience in all areas of family law matters and offer a full range of legal counsel for your needs.

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