Domestic Violence: An Alarming Trend

Domestic violence is an ugly topic with ugly outcomes and it must be addressed. The deaths and injuries caused by domestic violence must also end. This sad situation does not discriminate and can happen to anyone. Men, women, children, same sex partners, husbands and wives are all potential victims. Our office takes an aggressive stance on helping victims of abuse and offers compassion and caring to those needing help getting out of a bad situation.

Unfortunately, for one local woman, help came too late. A recent news article tells the story of a battered woman. The story goes like this:

  • A young college co-ed’s body was found about a week after she was last seen with her boyfriend.
  • Her boyfriend had a past that included criminal activity, although he has not been charged.
  • The victim’s family is speaking out, hoping to bring attention to the alarming trend of the rise in death from domestic violence in Minnesota.

For the year 2013 there is an average of one death per week as a result of domestic abuse. This figure is on the rise and it is everyone’s responsibility to see that as a society this terrible trend ends. It is not sufficient to say the victim was too weak to leave — the problem must be confronted at the source. Understanding why someone acts out in an abusive manner is the first step to stopping the abuse. Getting away from a violent situation is a precursor to that step, and family and friends must do their part to help someone under the control of another. Only after we have separation of the parties, a safe haven in place and an attempt to understand the complex emotions that add to this destructive mix will we begin to help prevent future incidents.

Call an experienced Minnesota family lawyer for help with issues of domestic violence. We work hard to keep you and your loved ones safe and offer legal options in this regard. Our team has more than 30 years’ combined experience helping people, and we take our duties to protect seriously.

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