Factors to Consider Before Attempting to Reconcile with Your Former Spouse

After a divorce, it’s not unusual to eventually start thinking about reconciling with your former partner. However, this is not a decision to be made lightly, and there are a number of factors you’ll want to consider before actually reaching out and trying to repair your relationship.

Here are a few things to think about first:

  • How long you were married. Couples who were married for longer periods of time before they were divorced are more likely to have serious thoughts about trying to make the relationship work again. But you also need to consider how long you were unhappy in the marriage, as well. How many of your years together did you spend happily married? You don’t want to risk putting yourself back into an emotionally unhealthy relationship.
  • The issues that led to your divorce. What issues caused you to drift apart? Did you have poor communication skills? Was the passion gone? Were there particularly devastating issues, such as infidelity or abuse? Consider these things carefully and think about whether they have been or could ever be reconciled before you decide whether to get back in a relationship with your former spouse.
  • How it would affect your children. Most of all, you need to consider how suddenly bringing your ex-spouse back into your life would affect your children. Chances are you spent a significant amount of time trying to help your children adjust to life after the divorce. Suddenly having your former partner back in your life could jeopardize the progress you’ve made together and put your kids back into an emotionally unstable state.

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