How to Tell If You’re Working with a Good Divorce Attorney

It may be difficult to determine if your divorce lawyer is representing you well, as you may not have gone through the divorce process before. If you have any doubts at all about the quality of your legal counsel’s service, consider the following points:

Your attorney explains the steps of the divorce process

You should not feel confused or intimidated by the divorce process. While it is natural to be stressed out or emotional, you should at least understand what is happening throughout the process. A good divorce attorney will keep you informed on the steps you will need to take.

Your attorney meets deadlines

There are many important deadlines throughout the divorce process. Your lawyer should consistently meet or beat these deadlines. You should not feel as though your attorney has not met all necessary deadlines.

Your attorney seems prepared

Divorce attorneys should be fully prepared for just about any outcome or snag in the process at any time. They have likely worked through many divorces before yours and have seen cases go countless different ways. Being prepared for just about anything that comes up is the mark of a reliable divorce attorney.

Your attorney stays in touch with you

If you are going to have a good working relationship with your divorce attorney, the lines of communication must be open. Your lawyer should always keep you in the loop about everything that’s happening in your case, and you should be able to get in touch with him or her. You should also expect a reasonably prompt response to any questions you’ve posed.

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