How You Can Protect Your Children During a Divorce

The emotions associated with divorce can make for a rather contentious process. Unfortunately, it is often the children who suffer the most during divorce, as they must watch their parents go through a highly stressful and trying process while trying to hold it all together.

Throughout a divorce, parents must make the emotional wellbeing of their children a top priority. The following are a few ways you can protect your kids as you move through the process:

  • Constantly remind your children you love them: Children who are confident that you love them and are secure in their relationship with you will be much better equipped to make it through divorce without lasting emotional scars. It’s extremely important for kids to be regularly told by both parents how much they are loved, and that no matter what happens between the parents, they will always remain a priority.
  • Do not put children into situations in which they must choose: It is an awful idea to put children in a situation in which they must choose between their parents — even if the choice itself is for something minor. One of two things will likely happen: the child will experience considerable anxiety by trying to make a decision that will not let down either parent, or he/she will become manipulative by having the power to choose between the parents and make certain demands.
  • Maintain a parent/child relationship: Never treat your child as a friend. You should not be confiding in or complaining to your child, and your child should not know any of the details of your divorce or the legal process it involves. Keep your kids separate from the process and try to maintain a normal relationship with them.

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