Minnesota Lawmaker Proposes Bill Requiring Pre-Divorce Classes

Divorce can be extremely disruptive for the children of a couple. When their parents split up, they suddenly are faced with issues such as custody and visitation, scheduling problems and occasionally inconsistent rules and discipline. Parents who anticipate these issues and get ahead of them by setting up co-parenting plans can smooth the transition for their children and help ease them into the new arrangement.

However, for some parents this does not come easily. Often they are unprepared for the challenges that lay ahead and may not realize that they have allowed their personal issues with their ex to affect the welfare of their children. For this reason, a Minnesota lawmaker has introduced a bill before the state senate that would require parents with minor children to attend a marriage dissolution course prior to their divorce.

The course would address common problems that divorced parents face and help them make plans to navigate these obstacles. Some of the issues that would be discussed in the course would include custody and financial matters that are often at the root of conflict between divorced parents. Lawmakers hope that by educating parents of young children about these common pitfalls and helping them plan ahead, they can protect the wellbeing of their children and avoid messy battles that can break down parent-child relationships.

The bill currently has bipartisan support among Minnesota lawmakers. It includes good-cause waivers for parents who cannot afford the four-hour course. State Sen. John Marty stressed that the bill is not intended to serve as an impediment to divorce, but simply a way of helping parents ease the transition.

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