Resolving Disputes: the Parenting Time Expeditor

In Minnesota, using a parenting time expeditor can lower costs and lead to faster resolution of parenting time disagreements.

It is common for parties to experience disagreements over parenting time. But litigation, during or after divorce, can be slow and expensive. What are your options in Minnesota?

As an alternative to traditional litigation, parties can use mediation to work out difficulties in a parenting time schedule. If more support is needed, or parents cannot agree, Minnesota law provides for a parenting time expeditor.

A parenting time expeditor (PTE) helps families in the following ways:

  • Upon request, agreement or assignment by the court, a PTE works with parties to resolve conflicts that arise over parenting time arrangements. This could involve circumstances when one party feels their parenting time is denied or a party has interfered with or abandoned parenting time.
  • Using a process specified by law, parties select and retain a PTE through a written agreement defining the work of the PTE and how the PTE is compensated, among other issues.
  • A PTE is appointed to address specific issues or work to resolve ongoing issues that arise between parties who experience significant conflict.
  • If agreement between the parties cannot be reached, the PTE may provide a ruling on the issue or parenting time problem. The written agreement created by the parties may define whether the ruling of the PTE is binding, or if it can be appealed to the court for further hearing.

Chances are good a parenting issue can be more quickly and cost effectively addressed through a PTE than the court process. When you have questions about parenting time issues in St. Paul, talk with an experienced family law attorney.

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