Taking Care of Children After the Divorce

When families separate, the emotional well-being of your children is often foremost in your mind. Co-parenting after a divorce presents many challenges. People who once shared a home now live apart and the logistics of consistency in parenting choices can be even more difficult by this geographic difference. Maintaining a positive and healthy environment for your children helps reassure them of your love and can help prevent kids from feelings of guilt over the end of their parents’ marriage.

Help for divorcing parents may soon come in the form of mandatory parenting classes. Currently, only contested divorces have the requirement that the parents attend parenting courses. This may soon change, and even in an uncontested case parenting classes may be required when minor children are involved. The goals of the course are to:

  • Learn how to co-parent after a divorce.
  • Teach parenting techniques and general principles about parenting.
  • Reduce parental conflict and promote healthy living environments for children of divorced parents.

Your children are your greatest asset and biggest concern. We understand your need to make sure the kids come through the divorce process no worse for wear. When undertaking the task of representing you in a divorce, we know the case involves not just the spouses but the entire family. We keep the needs of the children in mind when creating solutions for the family, and work hard to ensure resolution of issues involving your kids work within your family structure.

For more information about mandatory parenting classes and other issues surrounding your children, schedule an appointment with a skilled Minnesota family law attorney. We have been helping parents polish their parenting skills during the divorce process for more than 30 years and are honored to be a part of your family’s transition.

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