What About Dating During Divorce?

If your marriage goes wrong, when can you start looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right?

When divorce spells the end of a relationship, it is often not long before being single gets lonely. Although separated parties are not legally able to marry again until divorced, there is no prohibition on dating. Many people date during divorce — but should you?

Dating anytime after your marriage dissolves is an individual choice. In some cases, dating can alter the course of your divorce if you are not careful. Consider these points:

  • Few parties sail through a divorce without some stress and frustration. When a couple decides to end their relationship, keeping conflict low leads to better agreements about property division, child custody and parenting time in less time. Lower conflict divorce costs less money and emotional energy. The introduction of a new partner at the wrong time in a divorce can complicate the process and diminish good will.
  • In a divorce complicated by disagreements over child custody and parenting time, an active dating life could cause trouble. The parenting abilities of a spouse who quickly introduces children to a new love interest can be questioned during the divorce proceedings.
  • Few new relationships flourish under the stress of an ongoing divorce. If you find an interesting potential partner, consider having a quiet relationship or delay dating until you finalize your divorce.

Only you can make the decision of whether to date during your divorce. When you have questions about divorce in Minnesota, talk to an experienced family law attorney in St. Paul.

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