What Makes Second Marriages More Likely to End in Divorce?

A number of studies have shown that second and third marriages are significantly more likely to end in divorce compared to first marriages. But what are some of the reasons for this?

First, there’s the simple idea that if a person has already gone through the divorce process once, he or she is likely to not be as afraid to do it again. People who go through a divorce are unsure of what to expect during the process, which makes it quite daunting. However, individuals who have already done it know that they’re capable of making it through, already have a relationship with a divorce attorney and understand the strategies they need to use to get out of a bad relationship.

Another common reason why second marriages end in divorce is not having had enough time between marriages to truly get over the first. Divorce can leave a significant hole in a person, and it can take some time to heal and grow independently. If you get married again far too soon as a way to avoid feeling like you are alone, it could do more harm than good in the long term.

The role of kids

Children are another significant factor in second divorces. Perhaps the new spouses do not agree with how to raise each other’s children, or the families did not blend together well. Additionally, kids are often a stabilizing factor in first marriages. Many couples avoid getting divorced for the sake of the children, and are more likely to make a serious effort at working out their problems. Children from previous marriages might not provide that same stabilizing factor for couples.

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