What Time of Year Do Most Divorces Happen?

A new study from sociologists at the University of Washington investigated the times of the year at which people are most likely to get divorced. One of these times is not a surprise — shortly after the holiday season. The other time is at the end of summer, in August.

The study involved an analysis of 14 years’ worth of divorce filings in the state of Washington. Most people are familiar with the idea that the holidays cause a great deal of stress among families. Many studies have shown people tend to have their worst bouts of depression around the holiday season for a variety of reasons.

However, people tend not to want to get divorced during the actual holidays, feeling like they have a responsibility to pull through the season for their families, holding those holidays as sacred family times even if they are not necessarily happy in terms of their marriage. Thus, people tend to wait until after the holidays to seek a divorce.

End-of-summer divorces common

The slightly more surprising finding was just how common August divorces are. According to Julie Brines, one of the professors who conducted the study, people simply do not like to get divorced during the summer family vacation season. They might have hopes that going on a trip will somehow restore their relationship and decide to wait it out. With family vacations peaking in mid-July to early August, many come home from their trips disappointed that their marriage has not been rejuvenated, and decide the time is right to file for divorce.

Brines also found that there was an average of 558 divorces filed in the state each August, which was 30 percent higher than December.

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