What to Expect from Your Divorce Attorney in Your First Meeting

If you’re going through a divorce, it’s likely that you may be experiencing a wide range of emotions and dealing with a great deal of stress about the future. The first meeting with a divorce attorney can be a nerve-wracking experience for anyone, as it is one of the moments that truly make the divorce seem “real.”

For us lawyers, we deal with these issues every single day — but that does not mean we lose track of how emotionally affected our clients are. To that end, there are certain expectations you should of your divorce attorney in your first meeting to ensure it’s going to be a good working relationship as you tackle important issues together.

In your first meeting, your family lawyer should display the following:

  • Compassion: Attorneys are not psychologists or therapists by any means. However, they should have some clear, basic compassion for their clients and be patient with individuals who are clearly emotional.
  • Clear explanations: Most people who go through a divorce are not familiar with the legal jargon used in family law. Thus, attorneys need to be able to explain all of the various processes and issues involved in a divorce in a way their clients understand. language. Legal professionals should never feel like they have to show off their knowledge — the best way for them to earn their clients’ trust is to focus on providing useful information.
  • Comfort: In general, you should just feel comfortable in the presence of your divorce lawyer. Your legal counsel should be easy to talk to and should do everything he or she can to make you feel at ease. Divorces can be highly charged and some very personal information is usually shared in meetings and conversations with your divorce lawyer. Having a good comfort level with your divorce attorney is very important.

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