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At Appelhof, Pfeifer & Hart, P.A., we believe mediation offers divorcing spouses an opportunity to reduce the financial and emotional toll associated with protracted litigation. Mediation promotes win-win outcomes, as opposed to the typical winners and losers in a court battle. We offer mediation services in all areas of family law, including divorce, child custody and visitation, property division and spousal maintenance.

Working together to find positive solutions

Mediation enables you to retain control over the decisions affecting your family’s future. The mediator does not make decisions and does not represent either party. Instead, the mediator remains neutral, and promotes cooperation through communication and negotiation.

Duringmediation, each party typically is represented by a family law attorney, who provides legal advice. We believe it is never too early or too late for people to work together to arrive at mutually satisfactory agreements.

What issues can be resolved at mediation?

The goal of mediation is to negotiate mutually agreeable terms of your divorce. Particularly when children are involved, the negotiations address many important issues, including:

Property division — Minnesota law calls for a divorcing couple’s marital assets and debts to be divided equitably. Marital assets include any property acquired during the marriage, with a few exceptions.

Financial support — A divorcing couple can negotiate the amount and duration of spousal maintenance, more commonly known as alimony. In Minnesota, child support is calculated based on state guidelines, and you are not free to negotiate child support payments that fall below the guidelines.

Parenting plan — Subject to court approval, a divorcing couple can work out a parenting plan that addresses such issues as:

  • Visitation by the noncustodial parent
  • Holiday schedules
  • Decision-making responsibilities
  • A method of dispute resolution
  • Medical care
  • Vacations and travel
  • Academic and religious education
  • Parenting plans

If you have children, the parenting plan is the most important part of your divorce, so make sure you seek advice from an experienced family law attorney before signing any agreement.

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